Week 12 drawing

My characters with the mixture of concepts of ferb and power puff girls. My cartoony character Mr. Donut! I have … More

Week 11 drawing

10 october 2019 Using the color swatches that we had made in the previous class, we were supposed to make … More

Week 10 drawing

Colour swatch Colour swatches in detail! After soo much of patient work, when sir told to put in limited swatches, … More

Week 9 drawing

26 September 2019 Review day Everyone was getting marked up according to their blogs. But the best part was, not … More

Week 8 drawing

19 September 2019 I had really tough time learning the 3 point perspective. Initially we did the cubes and then … More

Week 7 drawing

14 September 2019This was really a very special day for me!Though I didn’t give my best in class, i felt … More

Week 6 drawing

Week 6 As told by my friend(as I missed the class) that they used natural organic materials like flaura and … More