Week 15 drawing

Bee Happy🐝 Now I have used soft pastels to blend the background and make the character outstand and dominant enough. … More

Week 14 drawing

Here is the final story board with 6 frames in a A5 size leaflet. Second draft. Third draft. Since the … More

Week 13 drawing

Since I was absent, all i know is to create a leaf let out out of our character in A5 … More

Week 12 drawing

Here are my 10 honey bee stories.. 1)Here, the bee wanders around in search of some desert carrying honey in … More

Week 11 drawing

My characters with the mixture of concepts of ferb and power puff girls. My cartoony character Mr. Donut! I have … More

Week 10 drawing

10 october 2019 Using the color swatches that we had made in the previous class, we were supposed to make … More

Week 9 drawing

Colour swatch Colour swatches in detail! After soo much of patient work, when sir told to put in limited swatches, … More