Journalism- Elective

Week 1-

Faculty:- Radhika ma’am We learnt about communication media, which are basically of two types; verbal and non verbal.
Further classification goes on in the following way.

Week 2-

14 August 2019.5 elements that are news worthy
☆Conflict and controversy
☆Human interest
☆RelevanceRight after the class I started following these Popular pages and blogs:

Week 3:-

It was fun learning about what is new worthy and what is just information.
●The activity explored out what kind of news we are interested in and what we consider are important.●I gave the example of newsworthy to be the discarding of article 370 and information to be the heavy traffic of Mumbai.

Week 4:-

Writing Scoops.

Rihanna and Jamal’s billionaire kind of date night.
The trending couple, Rihanna and Jameel, hails from a billionaire family in Saudi Arabia. Rihanna was out for dinner with her boyfriend, businessman Hassan Jameel at Wally’s restaurant in Beverly Hills. 
While we’re all out here wearing floral maxi dresses and smocked tops for summer, Rihanna, who’s always one sartorial step ahead, is already dressing for fall. The singer and fashion designer stepped out last night wearing Nanushka sweater dress in Santa Monica. The elegant, wool-knit number left us accented with a steamy, high leg slit which made us looking on in awe in our August linens.
The cozy dressing inspired by the close company. To add a bit of sparkle, she wore crystal-embellished Muaddi sandals, large hoop earrings, and a diamond chain necklace. Rihaana also mentioned to nurture her relationship as she does with her business. And she also mentioned there date night to be the’ P day ‘of her life.
So Fans, Are you ready to be a part of this trending P days with your special ones?It was really interesting to watch the interview with kangana! Learnt a lot from today’s class.

Inspired from the interview and all the lessons that I learnt in class I was able to take an interview of a food blogger ‘saloni kukreja’.

Week 5

We explored about keeping some sudden interview questions ready and kept for some backup incase the interview gets boring. For example questions like which is your favourite colour?
Or when you don’t know much about the person then you can ask what is your work all about and stuff like that!.
You might also ask questions like which is your favorite cuisine and which type of climate do you prefer and why?!.

Week 6 – 10

We all were divided into groups, and we are supposed to make a magazine with related to fashion.
We have decided to put in our own photos with the content.


Fashion trends.

Light denim, yellow mellow and the suspenders.

Here the yellow mellow model Mr. Smit has sharp features and this kind of clothing suits his personality.
The light denim has come back in fashion and joins up the latest trends.
The white checkered lines shirt with the black suspenders in the right picture, adds up to the hair styled by his personal stylish.


Light denim class

 Denim is arguably the most demanding and classic fashion trend of all time.

The classy long checkered net adds on to the blue shaded shorts and enhances the fashion aesthetics of the model.

Authentic attire.

The authentic attire along with the royal oxidized earings gives a person the ancient queen look and the piercing on the nose, gives it a typical jaipuri girl look.The white gown with the broad wide rustic golden lace, along with the white flowers tied over in the black hair. The crochet blouse turns the rustic image to a grand one.The street tunic look with the red band  ends up adding a trendy tapori look along with the red sneakers.
The high heeled black Matt shoe and the checkered block net inside the shots, covers all along the long legs of the model.
The yellow mellow matches the blue short trendy denim.These marble rings are from the website @clickandbuy7 and they look just amazing and classy. The quality is very good. It is an amazing store for affodable jewellery. Go get your hands on them now. You can wear them to creae different looks as they go along with every outfit.The colours leaves behind a great impact on the vibes which indirectly adds on to the mood.Highlighting the hair is continually affecing the fashion trends of today’s generation . Here the model in the left has her hair blonde in colour and on the right has blue highlighted hair. And it looks super cool.


What’s the last pair of shoes you bought? Let me guess: sneakers. You weren’t alone. The sneaker business hit $44 billion in sales last year in the U.S., up 9% from the year before, according to market-research firm the NPD Group.  Sneakers (also called trainers, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, sport shoes or runners) are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but which are now also widely used for everyday wear. The term generally describes a type of footwear with a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic material and an upper part made of leather, synthetic substitutes or cloth.The shoes have gone by a variety of names, depending on geography, and changing over the decades. The term “sneakers” is most commonly used in the Northeastern United States, South Florida, North Carolina, parts of Canada and New Zealand. The British English equivalent of “sneaker” in its modern form is “trainer”. Today, the humble white sneaker has found a foothold at every price point – from designer fashion costing thousands of dollars to high street sportswear your average teenager can afford. And they have been embraced by wildly diverse groups, including the preppy dress and blazer brigade, the streetwear girls and the high-fashion stylists. In a few short years, they have become a classic – a versatile staple that can be taken to any occasion. Tennis icon Stan Smith, when discussing the eponymous sneaker his name is famous for, said, “Now it is worn for just about anything except tennis.”

Fashion Business and entrepreneurship.

1. What’s the split between a designer and a boutique? Q: For a boutique that carries my clothing line, what should I expect the split to be? I seem to have agreed to a 60/40 split thinking that it was 40 for me, but looking at the contract, the retailer is giving me 60. Wondering if I should say I’ll do 50/50 I am not sure I would like to get some advice on this. This would be on additional merchandise that I’m bringing to the Trunk show event Given that we’re traveling there for it, I wonder if my taking the 60 is reasonable. Happy Monday…! A: Usually it’s the wholesale price for vendor (that’s you). Sounds like you got a great deal! Don’t say another word. 2. How do I decide what to sell where? Q: How do you distinguish what goes online and what should go into the retail market? What items should I incorporate into the line? A: While it’s impossible to know your particular situation, here is some general guidance. Usually, it’s the same pieces online and in retail because otherwise you are producing way too many styles to keep track of and then you are running 2 businesses. And, if you know which avenue is most important to you then you may want to try both. There are some circumstances that you would not want to sell online. For example, couture dresses. You should sell them in retail stores because you would want the customer to be able to try them on and also I was . Couture is very difficult to sell online. 3. How do I find out where a particular fabric came from? Q: I enjoy reading your emails, and have many saved for when I’ll hopefully be able to use them, :). I’m trying to find out where a fabric that a large retailer uses for its home/bath line comes from. It appears to be from India, but is there any way to find out the name of the mill, when all I have is the tag? Is this help you can provide, or point me in the right direction? A: There is no way to find it. We can always try and source it or something similar to it. However, 2 things to keep in mind, if it’s a large retailer then… a) Chances are that the factory that made the product is vertical and is creating the fabric as well possibly that the fabric was created specifically for that retailer. If not, then… b) The fabric will most likely require a large minimum for production which is fine for that large retailer but probably not for your client. Hope that helps.


Styling is a very important aspect in today’s world. People largely judge one another by their choice of outfits. So matching and wearing the correct outfit is a must. Proportions is an important aspect in the styling field. Wearing clothes according to the your proportion can make you look a lot taller and leaner and it really makes your body type look sure good. So it’s all a win win situation! For example, a tight body-con tank top with really tight super skinny jeans is a definite NO for most body types. On their own, these clothes look really great but as soon as you combine them, its a no no as it just emphasizes the stomach area and hence it doesn’t look good. So instead, you can pair a loose top with the same pair of skinny jeans and you are good to go. The same way, a loose top paired with a loose pair of pants is again a definite no. It just looks sloppy and not put together. So, an easy way to switch this outfit is to pair these loose pants with that tight body-con tank top and maybe add a pair of heels to it. This outfit can make you look a lot taller and leaner and make your body look slimmer and more petite. So all you had to do was switch the two outfits and look! The mix and match comes with such great results! Tucking and tying the T-Shirts also makes a huge impact on outfits. It really brings emphasis to your waist which is usually the smallest part of your body and it’s gonna just make your body and your shape look really really beautiful. All you need to do is either tuck a little bit in the front and then pull it out a little by little to give it a nice drape look which will emphasize the waist and it’s super easy to do as well. It looks so much more put together than just throwing on a T-Shirt and Jeans. You can also add a belt for a little pop of accessory to make it something unique. Wearing jewelry is a great way to add a pop of color or shine to your outfit. Dainty jewelry looks so good and you can get away with a necklace that maybe cost you 150-200 bucks and it could pass for a 1000 bucks. It looks really really simple and classy! Dainty jewelry is the way to go. Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, all of these look really beautiful and maybe you can layer a few as well. Don’t go for Chunky Jewelry as Dainty jewelry is the way to go now. In case of earrings, loops look really great. It makes your face and your outfit just look really feminine and pretty and girly. Shoes are an important aspect in styling. They can be flats, wedges, platforms, whatever you like! A really great tip though is to have a pair of nude shoes in your wardrobe. They go with everything! Go for a fair that really matches with your skin color.


1.Know your tie. Here are Four different ways in which you can tie a tie.
2. Hair Straighteners as a Collar Iron. Hair straighteners can be used to iron your shirt collars and give them the crisp they need.
3. Candle Wax, Crayons, A Pencil can fix your zippers. Smoothen any zip using a candle was ,wax crayons,or pencils.
4. Attach Something To The End Of Your Pyjama Ties in order To Stop Them From Disappearing .
5. Wear Your Leather Jacket In The Rain To Get That Distressed Look. Yes…that’s right ,wear your leather jacket in rains or bad weather conditions to make it look distressed or rugged!
6. Talcum Powder Removes Oil Stains. 7.For men: Have Your Trousers Altered To Stop Pocket Flair. Pants pockets come in three flavors: Vertical pockets – often seen on dress pants. This style is the most likely to flare out if the pants don’t fit correctly. To fix this, either have them tailored to fit you better, or take the nuclear option and stitch the pockets shut. Front pockets – a slanted style seen on some dress slacks. Choose these over vertical pockets – they’re much less likely to flare out. Western pockets – also known as horizontal pockets. Commonly seen on jeans and chinos, this one will not flare out at all and is my favorite pocket style. 8. White Wine Can Remove Red Wine. It really does!

Last elective class

Sometimes we lose, sometimes we learn. The only way to grow is to take it positively.
Making this magazine had been a great journey for sure. Eventually I was happy because of the final output of the magazine. Something that I really liked was ma’am appreciated the hard work and efforts. I always wanted a motivator like her. Thanks to ISDI and radhika ma’am for being such a great mentor.
Here are the final output pages of the magazine .
Hope you all would like it.

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