Week 15 imaging

Here is my final zine with cover page, zine story, last page. It had all started with a simple layout … More

Week 14 imaging

Final zine (Let’s Bee Happy). Cover page. Here starts the story of a Bee. Honey bee is out in search … More

Week 13 imaging

And the first page looks something like this! Excited for the rest? Since the bees are getting bit blurred, sir … More

Week 12 imaging

Here are my bees all set to fly high and eat more honey and be happy. These set of honey … More

Week 11 imaging.

Welcome to my zine story board. Honey bee in a personified character gives you a beautiful moral to just Bee … More

Week 10 imaging

Transform your images with no demarcations! Wondering how would that be done? Here’s the solution. Photoshop does it all. Starting … More

Week 8 imaging

Since my last movie poster was more like a collage and seemed less like a poster. So I decided to … More