Week 11 imaging.

Welcome to my zine story board. Honey bee in a personified character gives you a beautiful moral to just Bee … More

Week 10 imaging

Transform your images with no demarcations! Wondering how would that be done? Here’s the solution. Photoshop does it all. Starting … More

Week 8 imaging

Since my last movie poster was more like a collage and seemed less like a poster. So I decided to … More

Week 7 imaging

I Learnt more techniques to use photoshop, like to make collage, to make a clipping mask, vector mask and layer … More

Week 6 imaging

Not being present in the class is a huge loss! Sir introduced photoshop and its few tools in the lecture … More

Week 5 imaging

30 August 2019 Shape builder tool and offset path. Learning shape builder tool and offset path was far way exciting. … More

Week 4 imaging

I learnt using brush tool to create beautiful patterns and designs. Some of my works are as follows. ☆next thing … More