Week 14 imaging II

10 March 2020 Here are the layouts for additional information about the book. It includes the Acknowledgment, introduction, preface, timeline, … More

Week 13 imaging II

2 April 2020 So I am further working on the coffee table book. So far i had just used gradient … More

Week 12 imaging II

27 march 2020 So according to the time line I have started working on my aspect of pottery through the … More

Week 11 imaging II

19 March 2020 It was our first online lecture due to the Corona virus pandemic, and I felt that these … More

Week 10 imaging II

Today’s class was really interesting as sir supported me to make a coffee table books which involves my favourite pastime … More

Week 7 imaging II

Since I wasn’t in town I couldn’t attend this class, but I had shown my work to sir and he … More