Week 1 imaging II

This is the original scene from the movie alice in the wonderland. It is a timburton’s live action movie.

This was my first try. I made the outlines on illustrator and then using brush tool I made a outline. Then using all the techniques that I learnt in photoshop, I coloured it digitally and then explored as png.

When I first tried making this I thought it’s looking very wierd as I had lost practice in vacations. Then when I tried making it again I could make it much better this time.

This is what I learnt from the first class of second semester. Consistency and practice is what is needed to become a excel at anything!

Then another thing I learnt from sir today was simplifying things and sorting them in order to avoid confusions. He made me realise the importance of observing things while you look at anything around us. What a great day!

Thank you sir:).