Week 1 Sustainable Systems

10 January 2020

Sustainability is not a choice but a necessity.

A lot of discussion took place about the idea of sustainability. We discussed about the outreach of the idea of sustainable systems in vivid fields, I have jotted down some important fields.

○cultural sustainability,

○political sustainability

○economical sustainability,

○technological sustainability,

○biological sustainability,

○food, cities, landscape(forest), health and education.

And many more to be added to the list.

We need to plan and use resources carefully in order to fulfill future generations needs and they shouldn’t have the need to sacrifice anything.

Cradle to cradle, cradle to grave.

The theory on cradle to cradle is a new concept to care for our environment. It usually challenges things such as “recycling, driving hybrid cars, etc.” which are also known as cradle to grave methods.

Some of the sustainable ideas that I personally follow.

☆ Plantation on special occasions.

This is one of my very personal habit of either gifting a plant to special one’s or personally planting one on auspicious and special occasions.

This picture is from a very recent event that I accomplished with the help of my school frnieds. I am so grateful to have such friends who support me through every thick and thin.

☆Use of old phone’s vibrator.

Science has got a really special place for itself in my heart. I always had aimed to make a change in people’s life for a better social cause. Combining both my aspirations, I made a sustainable (using waste vibrators from old phones) projected blind stick to detect the obstacle at the range of 1.5 meter. And then I gifted this to a blind school, which helps the blind person to walk without any worries and friskly.

☆I prefer fresh air over artificial source.

I am not flaunting, but I find this to be one of my good habits of not using fans or AC’s even in summer.

I dont know why but I never require air by fans or AC’s and so I don’t use them personally.

Some of my unsustainable habits are:

☆ excessive use of shower water.

I have this bad habit of playing with water and wasting it unnecessarily and excessively.

☆ not switching off electricity when not in use.

My laziness of switching off the lights when not in use is the major reason for the cause.

☆using vehicles to travel for shorter distances.

I usually prefer comfort and use time saving ideas to complete my work quickly and effortlessly.

This class made me to actually think about pros and cons of sustainability.

I actually started carefully switching off electricity when I am leaving my room.

Being a responsible youth of the country, I would take great pleasure to spread the concept of sustainability world wide!

Thank you sir.

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