Week 1 Objects as history

10 January 2020

History has always been my favorite subject. I like to read historic content study in my leisure time.


First of all, when sir started with the topic of objects, I could relate objects to computer science. As the whole basis of C++ was based on objects and classes.

The discussion over what one means by object made me think how people consider a word and relate it to something according to their perspective.

It’s always important that we consider other people’s perspective and opinions.

Here are some possible ways of looking and pondering about an object.

☆Object is basically something which has mass and occupies space.

☆It can be a material thing that can be seen and touched.

☆ It can be a person or a thing to which a specific action is being directed.

☆As a verb, object can be considered as a feeling to express one’s opposition or disagreement with something.

☆ It can be created or destroyed.

☆something which is immortal.

Then there was a huge discussion on form and shape.

According to me, shape is something which is two dimensional, an area defined by an outline.

A form is a shape that has illusion of being three dimensional by the help of shading and other techniques.

For example sphere is a form where as circle is a shape.

A two dimensional perspective and outline of a character from alice in the wonderland, timburton’s live action movie.

The above picture has been digitally shaded to give a essence of shape.

Objects usually manifest themselves through properties. These manifestations seem to change in a regular and unified way which underlines their respective properties.

There is an endless discussion about the topic object.


My most favourite subject of all time.

History is basically the study of past events particularly human issues. The knowledge about history could be acquired using investigation methods and studying archives.

There was a endless discussion about why most of the students don’t like history in particular.

Everybody had different opinions. Maybe the way history was being thought in class was to boring and could have been made exciting.

Or maybe there were too many dates to be remembered. It is just a topic to memorize places, dates and people. Mostly history had to deal with dead people.

But I have a very different perspective over gaining knowledge and connecting facts. This is why it is one of my favourite subjects.

I am really excited to know how objects and history are being connected. And also eager to learn about new projects related to history and objects.

3 Tweets on fort.

Bijapur fort.

Fort is being housed by a plethora of artifacts and arts, displaying the heritage of Sultans, with a endeavor of creating the best arts.

Flaunted as “The Agra of south India” is established by kalyani Chalukyas. Authorized as the best structures, building, projects and more.

Full of rich history and treasure. Enriched with ruins of ancient rock fissure. There’s a plethora of inscripted facts over the walls of the fort.

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