Week 1 Time

6 January 2020


A very significant topic to be talked about.

Time and tide waits for none.

You all must have definitely come across this idiom and I am sure very few of us actually value it’s worth.

It is only after losing something we feel like chasing it!

From the Chrono’s clip that we had seen in class it was evident that time passes by but the structures remain the same.

Era’s have changed, life has emerged. Chrono is a Greek word signifying time. The clip showed a narrative if how time elapses and it doesn’t freeze.

The art and culture,

man and nature,

Everything has it’s own significance

And a hope for new emergence

We also learnt about the aspects like,

○day and night.

○light and shadow.

○simple VS complex.

○static VS motion.

○cyclic VS Linear.

○people VS places.

The narrative included some uncertain movements like the varied pace along with the musical beats.

It included some aspects of habits and routines of people as well. There are situations where in we consider some risk factor and make our decisions in rush with giving it a proper time of thought. Though we know “Haste is Waste” but sometimes, some fast decisions turn out to be really good ones!.

According to me, whatever happens there is promise and hope for the positive rays of good/bad vibes. And still life goes on…

So value the time that you have and make the most out of it!

Narrative stories.

1) Arduino project for the blinds.

Science has got a really special place for itself in my heart. I always had aimed to make a change in people’s life for a better social cause. Combining both my aspirations, I made a sustainable projected blind stick to detect the obstacle at the range of 1.5 meter. And then I gifted this to a blind school, which helps the blind person to walk without any worries and friskly.

2) USA cookie connection.

And while I was coming back to India after living for 45 days in a dream country/land, I met a beautiful old lady. I looked so innocent and she gifted me a pair of cookies when I was about to disembark the plane. I somehow got so attached to her. But I was small enough to take her number and still be in contact with her. Though I still love her.

3) New life on my 18th Birthday.

It was my 18th birthday on 18th june, when I and my grandmother as a team decided to plant a new sapling and nourish it every day. We had then bought some fertilizers and kettle water sprayer. It had been only three days and she kicked the bucket on 21st june. I promise to cherish that plant in order to preserve our memory together forever.

4) Holi In SGI hostel.

The best memory of every child’s life are the days of hostel. It was the holiday for holi. And we played with dry colours in the courtyard behind the hostel. We weren’t allowed to use water. Soon after playing with dry colours, we went back to hostel. Some naughty minds had bought some colours along with them and then we played holi in real terms in the long interconnected washroom. Soon the warden heard the noise. She came and punished us all in the assembly. We were supposed to complete 4 rounds of the 250 acre ground. And after that day nobody ever dared to play holi in the campus.

These are some of the remarkable experiences of my life. There are many more but these are my favorites.

Thank you.