Week 1 Integrative studio II

7 January 2020


A mime skit!

What a great way to learn new difficult words. Never played this before ever.

So all we had to do is to mime act out a word that was being given to us. And let others guess the word through several synonym attempts. The above picture shows how the the guessing attempts took place in order.

Trepidation, serendipity, obnoxious, armistice, incorrigible, phenomenon, inscrutable, coherent are some of the words that we all came across through the skit. And I feel this could be a great way to learn difficult words and remember them.

Now, here is the word that we come across in most of Robin Sharma’s books.


☆Dictionary meaning:- free from disturbance, calm

☆Synonyms- peaceful, restful, reposeful, calm, quiet, still ,serene, placid, relax, soothing, undisturbed, mild, pleasant, sober, non-pulsed.

☆Sentence- The meadow was a tranquil site, far removed from the main stream of today’s habitation.

☆It can be used as an adjective like, A tranquil life.

☆It is a uncountable noun.

Hope this was a informative blog.

Thank you:)

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