Week 1 Integrative seminar II

8 January 2020

Critical Reflections


Is the first semester completed?

Yes, here are the values that I had learnt throughout the semester!


the habit of not giving up and keep doing it till the end. Initially I wasn’t really satisfied with my grades, but as and on I started putting in more of the efforts, my results got really better!

☆Team work,

the group project was really a big deal for me!

I had to be really sensitive to other people’s opinion and then involve their ideas altogether in the project. I learnt to deal with patience and empathize the decisions made. I was aware of the the fights that were going to take place but eventually our bonds became more stronger!.

☆Time management,

the most essential thing one has to learn in one’s life.

Time and tide waits for none!

☆Self exploration,

The best thing that happened to me in the first semester was making of Who Am I? I started observing my skills and my values very deeply then onwards. I reflected my inner self very closely. I learnt to organize my thoughts before presenting them. I gradually gained confidence through the blogs that I wrote. It made me think about more better and fluent words that I could use to make my blog seem more creative.

☆Rule of elimination,

I started making my designs simpler rather than complex and removed certain elements which weren’t actually required!

It doesn’t have to be complex to be effective!

I always respected my struggle, though expected my grades to be better at the end. But I am really satisfied with the journey and process of my work and hope to do much better in future.

Now here is the short essay on a cozy place.

My Bedroom

The most coziest and exuberant place. With gloomy pretty lights, the bright shades of blue over the wall, the tints of grey and the dominant white colour completes my room. The scrunchy blanket covered with pink checkered cloth is the one I cannot sleep without. There is a glamorous doll named rutvi kept over the slab at the corner of the room. She is my secret keeper along with my diary, which is kept under a secret drawer inside my cupboard. Then comes the beautiful interior with bright yellow lights which I prefer to get ready. There is another small statue of a doll which was my first ever gift, which is being kept below the slab of the round silver mirror. And I usually prefer sleeping to my left as I believe in feng shui. I am usually afraid to go to washroom alone at night as I feel there are lizards in the washroom though it is fully packed with only a ventilator space for the sunlight to come in. I don’t like to keep my things randomly outside and I have the OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) to keep things in order. I miss my room 😦

It is actually easier to figure out things when they are written down in points and then sorted. For example, when I first started writing an essay about my Bedroom, I was blank. Gradually I started making points, sorted them and then connected them through sentences.