DRAWING week 1-6

Week 1

1 August 2019
Faculty: Akash sir
☆”i dream my paintings and then i paint my dreams”.☆ It was an amazing experience and fun watching the oil painted animation movie”Loving Vincent” by Van Gogh. It was a great struggle for me to understand the movie initially but the colourful pictures had completely made me soak into it!.
☆it almost had all the fundamentals and basic concepts of drawing take into consideration.

Later on we learnt about the fundamentals and other basics as listed below:-

☆ basic concepts:-

1.line:- directs the eye in a paticular directon.

2.shape/form:- a contained area which can be geometrical or organic.

3.space:- the area used in a composition which can be negative or positive.

4.colour:- it can alter overall mood/feeling.

5.texture:- the apperance of how a surface feels.

☆ principles:-

1.emphasis:-special importance or value

2.balance:-even distribution of different elements.

Symmetric imbalance is created through reflection of cliff in water.Asymmetric imbalance occurs when you have different visual images on either side of a design and yet the image still seems balanced.


It occurs when elements in a space work together so that resulting look is balanced and harmonious.


The state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association.

5.Rythm and motion:-

They are created through the repeated pattern of ripples.


A repeated decorative design.


Scale is the size of object in design in relation to other objects.

Week 2:-

Some sketches with different mediums.

☆We learnt using charcoal medium as well.

Some initial charcoal sketches.

It was quite difficult to handle charcoal as it was for the first time I used it.

Week 3:-(independence  day)

Week 4

22 August 2019

Techniques of shading.

Sketches based on techniques.

■Light room and dark room

The concept of scribbling and hatching.

Week 5

Listening to the dulcet beats and then drawing and sketching 20 objects was really fun. Combination of 4 objects- the grape wine bottle, crystal glass, grapes,cheese and cork.combination of 3 objecs using 2B,3B and 6B.Stippling, hatching, cross hatching,scribbling, round shading involved.

Week 6

As told by my friend(as I missed the class) that they used natural organic materials like flaura and some kind of leaves and drew their sketches.Round shading using blue pen, detailing using black micron 01
And background with yellow and shadesf green.Leaves using shading techniques  like stippling and round shading.Deer with simple hatching on black background with white pen.A maple leaf using oil pastels carved using blade with round shading. And bacground crosshatched with black gel pen.An elephant using soft pastels.☆Soft pastels need to sprayed after working over it.Sir is kind of biggest motivation and a motivator for me. On 14th September when he told me “I know you can do better”, this really helped me work day ad night and also finding my comfort zone using different mediums.
Just wanted to thank you sir.
Thanks for appreciating it makes me work more than before!.😊Medium:- blue gel ink pen.
Method:- cross hatching,scribbling,hatching,roundshadig and stippling.A freedom bird using faber castle colour pencils.Simple hatching with black micron 05 an 01 in 13 minutes.
Drawing keeps me too engaged that I really dont get to know what is happenin in my surrrounding. This assignment helped me improve my timing as well as my concentration power.

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