Week 5 drawing

Week 5

As told by my friend(as I missed the class) that they used natural organic materials like flaura and some kind of leaves and drew their sketches.Round shading using blue pen, detailing using black micron 01
And background with yellow and shadesf green.Leaves using shading techniques like stippling and round shading.Deer with simple hatching on black background with white pen.A maple leaf using oil pastels carved using blade with round shading. And bacground crosshatched with black gel pen.An elephant using soft pastels.☆Soft pastels need to sprayed after working over it.

Sir is kind of biggest motivation and a motivator for me. On 14th September when he told me “I know you can do better”, this really helped me work day ad night and also finding my comfort zone using different mediums.
Just wanted to thank you sir.
Thanks for appreciating it makes me work more than before!.😊Medium:- blue gel ink pen.
Method:- cross hatching,scribbling,hatching,roundshadig and stippling.A freedom bird using faber castle colour pencils.Simple hatching with black micron 05 an 01 in 13 minutes.
Drawing keeps me too engaged that I really dont get to know what is happenin in my surrrounding. This assignment helped me improve my timing as well as my concentration power.This time I have used different mediums instead of using pencils that I did last time.Everytime I used a different medium, I felt m climbing up a step of the demarcated ladder of art.

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