Week 6 drawing

14 September 2019This was really a very special day for me!Though I didn’t give my best in class, i felt good when sir told me,”I know you can do it”, this really made me work more harder than ever.Today we learnt one of the most important aspect of drawing that is perspective drawing.I learnt the one point and 2 point perspective.Here are my sketches.

This is one point perspective drawn using cubes and a single point.

This was bit complicated initially but turned out to be fun actually. Here this figure represents two point perspective.Some more 1 point perspective sketches.

In this sketch the nine and three quarters (harry porter) all the lines evolv from a single point representing 1 point perspective.

The drawing room has been drawn in on point perspective.

☆Two point perspective

The above one is clicked after correcting the line which sir told me to remove.

I found 2 point perspective to be difficult initially, but as I practiced more I could figure out it. The above picture is a scene from temple run, a mobile gaming app. It has been represented in 2 point perspective.

Thank you sir.

Everyday is a new opportunity to learn new things. Since I haven’t been to any coaching classes for design as I was studying for IIT JEE, I didn’t learn these things before. So I feel I should really expore other forms and also other mediums.

Want to paint my dreams,
Color the creams,
Get to the core,
To reach the goal!

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