Week 12 space and materiality

Technical sketches.

Next comes the bubble wrap with the front view, side view and the top view.

Bubble wrap:-

Here are the different technical sketches for the different ideas for the wearable structure for repulsion of magnets.



Another idea of representing the prevention of touch during cha cha cha is that we could use spring. So that the repulsive forces acts along the user and pushes them back to their original position.

Crystal model

The prevention of public display of affection while doing Cha-cha-cha is being shown. Basically we are adding crystals/glass/acrylic sheet to prevent the contact of hands surrounded by metal sheets.

Sharp spikes

The spike is the most sharpest thing we found around us. Basically it is a model with metal hand glove and the spikes prevent the contact between two hands. It acts as obstruction for the contact.

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