Week 11 space and materiality.

The basic ideas for the wearable structure.

The basic idea of repulsion is being displayed in all the aspects of these ideas.

The one on the left has the 2 repulsive north poles of the magnet.

The centre and the right picture has some poky and sharp material with spikes to avoid the contact.

And the next one is the bubble wrap, wrapped around the two hands. In order to show prevention of touch to make sure bubbles don’t blow off.

Here is the concept of using spring in order to prevent the touch between two hands. As soon as the hand approaches the other hand, it gets repelled and pushed away.

In this case, we have used the spikes between the two wearable metal gloves in order to prevent the touch during cha cha cha.

Here we have used glass/Crystal to prevent the touch between the two hands.

There are yet many changes to be made with the above models.

Basically everything you think is feasible to make. Today I learnt to think of the ideas I haven’t ever thought off. For instance, the use of metal sheets to give a swirly effect to the model, the use of bubble wrap so effectively. Basically everything around you could be used to make a design pattern/object/wearable structure.