Week 9 space and materiality

Wearable sculptures

Everyday we come around thousands of objects and structures, that we fail to notice in depth.
Even the interaction between simple basic objects comes under this.
Here by I include the basic object knife to symbolize the need to stop back stabbing.Using the knife and the interaction between the 2 body parts of different pepole, I and riya are going to make a wearable sculpture to signify the need to stop people from back stabbing.

The hot topic that blows the safety of women in india- sexual harassment .

In this modern world where everyone is teaching great heights and succeeding in their lives. But the need to look at the increasing insecurities is th need of the hour.We are going to create a sculpture to symbolize the attention that needs to be given to stop people from harassing women and make them feel safe in their home land.

Cha cha cha

Cha cha cha is a very intimate dance form, where couples dance according to the dulcet beats of the rhythm of music.
According to indian society, PDA public display of affection is not acceptable.

So our idea is to show how society separates two loved ones and it will be displayed through our wearable sculpture.


In this world full of people with two faces, let’s be kind,humble and love each other.
Let two people who truly love each other, be together!
We are planning to make a wearable sculpture in order to prevent the separation between two true hearts.

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