Integrative studio 1

Week 1-

29 july 2019

Faculty:Supriya ma’am,

☆It was really an amazing day to recollect all the old songs and cherish memories!

☆The quick beats could add up to the fast sketches!

15 minute sketches using lines and dots.

1.My happy place.

Abstract piece of pizza!

2.scene from the window.

Abstract art using lines and dots.

3.journey to school.

Abstract sketch of journey to school.

4.Current mood.

Random strokes of current mood.

5.My sibling.

Stuff to represent my extrovert brother!

Before this class I could never imagine that things could be so simple but yet have a great significance and meaning.


Week 2 –

It was really fun transforming the 2D shapes to 3 Dimensions.

Some 3D models are as follows:-


2.My happy place. sibling

4.journey to school

5.current mood

I have been using paper since we were kids but never so keen on changing the 2 dimensional to three dimensional shapes.□The essence was to observe keenly and ponder over it.

Week 3-


Few self Metaphors(Draft):

1. Saloni is a human calculator-
Because I had learnt abacus and quite quick in calculations.2. Saloni is a shining star.-
As I always made my parents proud.3. Saloni is a chatter box.-
Since I talk a lot when I get comfortable with someone.4. Saloni is a sweet weapon.-
As I can convince anyone for anything  to be the way i want it.5.Saloni has a bubbly personality.-
Because I always stay cheerful no matter what.6. Saloni is a rollercoaster of emotions.-
Just because I undergo a lot of mood swings.7. Saloni is a treasure box of secrets.
I dont know why people approach me tell me their secrets and fortunately I dont gossip it out!8. Saloni is a anchor.-
Because I get attached to someone very easily.9. Saloni is a pencil of graphite.-
As I am lean and I am made up of carbon elements.10. Saloni is a free bird.-
Because i always do what i want to and nobody restricts me if its worthy enough!.○Never noticed on the elements of nature so deeply before this activity, this class always teaches me to look at things from another perspective and then execute them in a way I have never done before!.

Week 4:-

My approved metaphors.

1. Saloni is a human calculator-
Because I had learnt abacus and quite quick in calculations.2. Saloni is a shining star.-
As I always made my parents proud.3. Saloni is a chatter box.-
Since I talk a lot when I get comfortable with someone.4. Saloni is a sweet weapon.-
As I can convince anyone for anything  to be the way i want it.5.Saloni is a crystal:-
Because I am clear like a crystal.6. Saloni is a rubberband:-
Because I am quiet flexible and adaptive to versatile situation.7. Saloni is a treasure box of secrets.
I dont know why people approach me tell me their secrets and fortunately I dont gossip it out!8. Saloni is a anchor.-
Because I get attached to someone very easily.9. Saloni is a pencil of graphite.-
As I am lean and I am made up of carbon elements.10. Saloni is a free bird.-
Because i always do what i want to and nobody restricts me if its worthy enough!.

Week 5

We were working on transforming the 2D metaphors to the 3D models using brown file card and finally it will be placed all together to define me as a persn through my associated metaphors.☆Shining star- the curvy strips relate to the endless efforts that I have made to achieve many awards and gained respect and also made my parents proud.

Week 6-

10 september 2019I completed 7 models using brown file card. It was really fun playing with the card and making 3d models. I was so engaged into my work that I hardly paid attention to whatever was happening around me.+ HUMAN CALCULATOR – I wanted to bring out the small parts to highlight the detailing in order to resemble human brain.☆ chatter box.- the jumbled spring like sstructures, the 3d hatching with the brown file card and the 2 distinct layers to bring out the traits of the words I speak.☆free bird- I am a free brid in this design world. The infinity is being attached to wings to justify freedom.☆Sweet weapon- This model here represents a heart stabbed by knife. This shows that I can convince anyone for anything to be the way I want it.

Week 7

    16 September 2019
Now that I have made 10 3d models individually, now it’s time to combine them all together in order to represent myself.  The final installation will represent who am I?
I actually found out some of these qualities that I never knew before like the metaphor of sweet weapon,  as in people get convinced the way I tell it to them. This was a great attempt for me to identify my identity and what do I stand for!
Thanks ma’am for giving us this interesting assignment for it made me reflect on my soul and find out more about it.The rough installation idea.

Week 8

23 September 2019

Title of model-

Glorious mess

The review day

I had a reason behind arranging everything as the way it is. There are 3 layers in my presentation and I could wrap it around like my life story as to represent who am I through my metaphors.
The scales of justice shows the balance between heart and brain.

I feel human is like a two winged bird, until both mind and brain isnt blanced we cannot fly high.

At the top I have kept the metaphor of shining star in order to highlight it.
☆The strings of guitar also shows my attacment to my parents and I will alway make them proud.

Then comes the pencil of graphite which represents the carbon core, as I ony reflect back positivity. And then the series of connection of me with people. Once I get close to someone represented by anchor, I am like the chatter box, but at the same time I am th box full of secrets, signifying the pinky promise. Overall the base was flat square in order to represent stability and the spaces were left in order to signify that at times I need my own space.
☆I also liked the way most of my section mates had arranged their models and presented In a decent way.

Week 9

                  23 September 2019Kolhapur- maharashtra
City full of the crispy,hot, sweet little corns bunch wrapped around the freshly cut leaves of it.
The famous kolhapuri chappal from the ancient times. I still find people wearing these wooden chappals. The city is full of temples and forts. The beautifully carved idols and pedestals are the cliched talks about kolhapur. The kolhapurians are the most lovable and lively people. The spicy food defines their mindset. People are mostly short tempered. Kolhapur is famous for wrestlers  and akhade ki mitthi. There is great significance of sword of chatrapati shivaji maharaja.
Kolhapur is also known for fishes and the market full of crowd. The panhala fort is the heart of the city and is known for the climate. I really enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fog covering the trees everytime I visit kolhapur. The meenakshi temple lays out the basis of kolhapur. The rangoli sellers and street vendors around the temple makes it so colorful all around. The peaceful sunrise and sunset calmes down the area and the chirping of birds adds on to it.Here are my keywords;
The sweet corn, kolhapuri chappals, mud, shivaji sword and akhade ki mitti.

The composition of famous and cliched things of kolhapur.The aesthetic senses of the above composition.

Movie reviews

100 minutes of subtle art- dhobi ghat.

20190929_1339568288258522324957439.jpgA 100 minute movie, directed by kiran rao. It is a perfect combination of art and parallel cinema with the story line critically successful.
Arun, a reclusive artist, eventually finds a container with silver chain, a ring and three tapes. As he reels down to those tapes, he found yasim to be happy and he continues to watch her tapes and learns more about her life. This shows his inquisitive nature. And he prominently features her through his paintings.
Later on, Munna meets Shai. He has a very helping nature and helps Shai gather more photographs about the lifestyle of poor. In return, she agrees to shoot a portfolio of Munna to help him get into the film industry. This is how karma exactly works back!

He continues struggling to find work in films. Munna develops feelings for Shai but is unable to express them because of his low-class status.
According to me, Love has no demarcations. It just about feelings and nobody can stop that.

The little prince.

The Little Prince is that life is only worth living when it is lived for others, not for oneself. The Little Prince lives on his asteroid in peace, taking care of his volcanoes and watching his sunsets.

2 point perspective 1 point perspective The one point and 2 point perspective is being displayed in the movie.The best thing that I learnt from the movie is as follows
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to eye.
The movie had some awesome stuff to teeach oneself to judge oneself rather than judging others! Only then you are a man of true wisdom.The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart. Eyes are blind, one must look with the heart.Some scenes from the movie really touched my heart and invoked my emotions. I could feel the death of my grandmother throughout the scenes.
Sometimes, I feel the land of tears, is such a mysterious place.“I am who I am and I have the need to be”, a truly justified sentence from the movie. The greed to have everything in life has become so common, no one is ever satisfied where he is! The movie has beautifully described different aspects of life with super and systematic animation.

Week 10 and Week 11

The station was an example of how Swatch bharat abhyaan is being seriously considered in India.
The morning scene we had seen this lady patiently cleaning the station. The picture in the left is being taken at around 9:24 am. This scene actually tells about how people work hard for living and in order to have a proper meal. This station is never less crowded. It is full of people all the time. The picture in the right was being taken  in the evening and is a perfect example for one point perspective aspect.The CSMT has a beautiful museum with huge pillars. The above picture is drawn in refernce to it in 3 point perspective . Also known as the ant view.The fish view or the 4 point perspective  is drawn in reference to the picture.And the last one is bird eye view of the museum.
While making this, I had a serious thought over how the architect and the iinterior designer must have planned this. Here, it looks very simple, but it is really complicated enough!Here’s my presentation of the CST station.

Week 12

Visit to the CST station again to notice every single detail of the station and the  locality. This time we observed all the platforms, in order to figure out the placement for the maps.Basically we aren’t allowed to enter the platforms after 7, as they are meant for the outstation people. Somehow I managed to click a picture.Starting on with the base of the map. We as a group have decided to make the map using the concept of best out of waste. The roads here are laid and represented through used foil paper.The interior and architectural aspect of McDonalds.
The interior aspect is the show that natural source of light. In this case its an outdoor view and hence has a natural source of light.Burger king was being surrounded by other shops, so the only source of natural light was the glass door.
Cafe coffee day has windows and door as a source of light.JJ school of architecture and the economic times building have many windows and natural pathway for light to pass through.Coordination and compromise is what I have learnt the most in past 2 weeks.

Week 13

This is the final representation of our 3D map with different aspects covering transport, interior and architecture and fashion. We have selected few remarkable buildings and represented on our final map. This map is completely based on best out of waste.

Week 14

Now for the final model we have chosen our context to be evolution of different social classes.And the concept is based on ‘back in time’.We have chosen the theme to show the heavy contrast of development from the vintage era.Our theme is to make a simplified version of pin ball game. And the entrance is inspired from the above picture.Then as the ball rolls down it will take the user back in time progressively.

Week 15

19 November Here is the prototype before we make the actual model. The stairs are going to look like this. And the concept will be based on the theme back in time along with the context to be vintage to modern evolution.
Today was the first ever time that I saw the actual work of angle machine while working with MDF in workshop. It is really a very hard task to cut the edges that have perfect angle.
The strength of a building lies in its foundation.
We started the model with laying the foundation and made a basic structure.
Then we will place the concepts layer by layer. Overall the theme signifies the topic back in time.The above chart represents the entire csmt area with particular places highlighted along with their interactions presented in the model.This represents the CST STATION along with the FLYING STAIRCASE depicted using metal stairs and wooden structure.Here are some significant things to bring out the essence of CST area.

1.Cafe coffee day.

2. Burger king.

3. McDonald’s .

4. JJ school of arts.

5. The Times of India.

6. BMC office.

7. CST CLOCK.These are out concept sketches with their interactions written individually.This is our first attempt to use a ball slider in order to bring the railway track sound from the rolling ball over the staircase.  Here is the video for the same.

1. Face.

2. Cafe coffee day.

3. Burger king.

4. McDonald’s.

5. JJ school of arts ( canvas board).






Sprinkling mustard seeds over the staircase to bring out the sound of train running over the railway tracks.Honestly, this group project idea seemed to be so disgusting at the start. Gradually all of us started getting connected to each other. Lots of laughter, fun, work and not excluding the fights.
United we stand divided we fall!
I am really satisfied with this final output and I’m glad that all our efforts are distinctively visible. Looking forward for more such interesting group projects. Thank you so much supriya ma’am for your guidance throughout this project.

Thank you ma’am.

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