Integrative seminar 1 week 1-6

Week 1-Reflection

29 july 2019

Faculty:Prarthana ma’am,

☆ The first thing I noticed when I entered isdi was the way people approach each other because I like to interact and connect with people quickly.

☆ The second thing were the messed up lights in the hall, I could connect through it because even my life is messed up in the same way!

Random pictures with their response in different styles of writing:-


Haiku –

Admist the world of darkness,

A sparkle of light gives the edge,

overcoming faded sense of loneliness!


Limerick –

And there lies down the maple,

Crawling upon the table,

Sunken and torn out,

Unclutteredly lying down throughout,

Being papery crisp and stable.


7 word story:-

Believe and shade the world with humanity!


280 character story:-

In the world full of chaos and hectic schedules,the little aspects of life are ought to be reflected. Always focus on the brighter side of life,blur up the things which disturb your peace of mind.One of the simplest quote ever heard,”BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF AND BE HAPPY”.

Week 2:-

Letter to younger self.

1.The water splash.

Want to paint my dreams,
Color the creams,
Get to the core,
To reach the goal!
Dear salzu,
Just to remind you the memory of 3 years back! Yes, the day which was really memorable and infact the most exciting moment of my life!.
You remember how everyone was so involved and we didnt even realise that the 10th boards were about to barge our brains , but the only thing we did was to enjoy the present moment.
I wish Salzu you could get back to that same person who really wasn’t much worried about anything that’s going to happen next.
Everyone was so playfully busy throwing and splashing out water balloons at each other and suddenly ‘Shivansh’ clicks out this picture and no doubt it’s my favourite one ever!
Yes! You matter and never doubt your worth girl. And enjoy every moment of your life💕.Signing off,

2. Mine.

Dear younger self,
Cherish these people,
Cherish the moments,
Make more memories,
Let ’em be legit & everlasting!
The Unites states of America.
Just to remind you please respect your father’s efforts to make you happy and always keep you updated with whatever you wanted!
Maybe USA was just a trip to others but for me, it was a bunch full of memories with sweet and sour 45 days spent there.
Look at that innocence in 7th standard that you had, so cool, so calm and also so close to your family!.
Those days when blueberries and smoothies were the only thing that you used to have inspite of having so much to eat (maybe thats why you are so thin😅).
Ps:The moment when I ever feel sad or broken I usually look at this picture to actually put into consideration that how happy I was and also how blessed i am!.Yours sincerely,
Older me.

3. The three monkeys!.

Dear self,
Yes, you are blessed.
The tiny little moments,
Busy with the tournaments
Being lazy with the books,
Hazy with the looks,
All I remember was the sad wave,
Leaving my hostel roomies was kind of a very dizzy moment for me.
The two years spent with them was lit.
All those naughty moments(especially the holi) everything is just unforgettable.
It all feels so empty when people with cherrishing and motivating soul leave you at the end of high school life.
The above picture was a very special memory(clicked by warden), three of us  utilizing the only moment when the whole hostel is empty maybe it was vacation time for the other hostel kids,
And quickly taking out snaps and save the memories.
Now that I am writing this up here I remember how unknowingly we make certain people a part of your family but are very far away from you.
Dear self❤,
Just be the same and cherish memories and people around you.😊
Yours only mirror,
Saloni (18 legally).

            Week 3

Few self Metaphors:

(Studio class)1. Saloni is a human calculator-
I had learnt abacus and quite quick in calculations and also I love mathematics.2. Saloni is a shining star.-
As I always made my parents proud.3. Saloni is a chatter box.-
Since I talk a lot when I get comfortable with someone.4. Saloni is a sweet weapon.-
As I can convince anyone for anything  to be the way i want it.5.Saloni is a rubberband:-
I am quiet flexible and adaptive to versatile situation.6.Saloni is a treasure box of secrets.
I dont know why people approach me tell me their secrets and fortunately I dont gossip it out!7. Saloni is a crystal-
I am clear like crystal and I speak my heart out.8. Saloni is a anchor.-
I get attached to some kind of special people very easily.9. Saloni is a pencil of graphite.-
As I am lean and I am made up of carbon elements.10. Saloni is a free bird.-
I always do what i want to and nobody restricts me if its worthy enough!.

Week 4:-

I learnt the metamorphosis’s 2nd part and came across many key words which actually helped me recollect many things associated with it.
It was fun interacting with the teacher and debating about the necessary topics.
The way you connect with usx feels like just another friend of mine is explaining us things, the way you look at things from everyone’s perspective is what I really appreciate about you ma’am. Not only the metamorphosis’s parts but you also teach us the morals in a very unique way! My heartfelt gratitude towards you.

Week 5

Came across hell lot of keywords and metaphors in third chapter of metamorphosis, learnt interesting themes and the difference between metaphors and themes.Below are some of the metaphors:-
Isolation.□ And here are themes associated:-
Survival.☆ Also this class was interesting as maam also touched upon the topics related to society, prestigious values, sophistication, elegance and many more.☆ Some of the characteristics that I relate with Gregor are as follows:-
Rage about not getting attention,

Who am I ?

First draft of metaphor–NqA?e=33DaGz

Week 6

                  9 September 2019
Everyone was being split into groups and then we exchanged our “who am i” printouts with each other to crosscheck to find out the mistakes and make out draft 2.
I liked the way my unknown partner gave an honest opinion about my first draft and I appreciate the changes she recommended in the first draft.

           Week 7

              16 September 2019

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