Week 11 integrative seminar

Cliched pictures in a row.

The picture at the left, is a very common and famous one to signify the idea of save earth. Nobody notices the faded sky and mountains. The little black watch and a tint of greenery.

Sometimes all we need to do is change our perspective, change the way we percieve things.

The picture in the middle represents a lady under the shade of her umbrella, running through the narrow lanes of the woods.

While we observe this, some of us fail to observe the bulged street lights in a row.

Then comes the picture at the right.

The very cliched captions would be like, look mom I can fly!

While some of us would signify freedom through it.

Now comes a picture with boring vibe. Here the picture seems to have no cliched catchy lines.

I failed to look at the yellow and pink colour in the bill board at the left hand side of the picture. There are many windows in the two parallel buildings too. Maybe because the angle or the way the picture was taken isn’t that interesting!

The left picture symbolizes a theme running around Christmas. The sign boards confuses the country men and hence it’s less crowded. The street is vacant and cold.

The contrast between the lifestyle of rich and poor is being shown in the middle picture. The huts and the skyscrapers indulge a huge difference in this society. The tints of green maybe algae or the randomly grown trees.

The picture on the right shows a man pulling the cart. Maybe the narrow lane signifies the urge to indulge in a race to earn a daily meal. There is a yellow black checkered footpath which is rare and this kind of pattern is mostly used in race course areas.



The long rigid concrete pillars,

Gloomy pretty lights and the aesthetic patterns,

The sunny shadow acts as fillers.


Heavy top head,

Clueless skies spread,

The Wanderer’s flea,

Blotches of scratches around the knee,

Misty openings and patterns like thread.

☆280 character story.

The city-dust admit the concrete pillars and the wanderlust amongst the solivagants is similar. The high heights of success incites a person to achieve more. The greed to earn more drags a person in the race of being successful, one forgets to lead a happy human life eventually.

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