Week 10 integrative seminar 1

The shortest word can initiate a long 2 hour class! I could never imagine this.

I was amazed by the way, how a single word ‘observation’ could become a topic of discussion.

Everything is by desire, hence we need a artistic eye to analyze.

Ever wondered how to we gather information ?

Yes, it’s all due to our unrecognized observation.

What else do we do when we observe?

Here are the possibilities according to me.
☆we develop an assumption

☆we percieve throught a personal point of view.

☆we we build characters in mind.

☆we categorize things.

☆we break a preset mindset.

☆we confirm information.

What do we achieve by observing?

○We use it to an advantage.

○discuss the objective.

○ we question gathering information.

For example,

The first thing that I observed in the Bahu Daji Las museum was the detailed carving, because I like observing detailed,patient and clean work.

The above picture involves coconut carving, this is the one I liked the most.

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