Week 7 space and materiality

17 September 2019

A strong building requires a strong foundation.

We had all started from the very basic grips and then converted them to 2d and 3d abstracts and now turned them out to be the final model after a prototype.

The hand grip being transformed to 2d abstracts in different views.

The 2d abstract model changed to 3d absract.

The 3d abstract changed to prototype.

Top view of final model.

Side view of final model.

So this is how a model was being made ffrom a random hand grip. This also justifies the basic principle of strong foundation to lay the basis of a strong building.

Thank you sir.

Your guidance was great. Thank you for cconsidering my opinion of making a working model, though that turned out to be expensive and I couldn’t do it.

I’m glad that you still told that I should first make the simple model and then we would work on turning it to a working model.

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