Week 7 drawing

14 September 2019This was really a very special day for me!Though I didn’t give my best in class, i felt … More

Week 6 drawing

Week 6 As told by my friend(as I missed the class) that they used natural organic materials like flaura and … More

Week 5 drawing

Week 5 Listening to the dulcet beats and then drawing and sketching 20 objects was really fun. The blade and … More

Week 2 drawing

Week 2:- Some sketches with different mediums. Playing with colors has always been my favourite part to do! ☆We learnt … More

Week 1 drawing

1 August 2019 Faculty: Akash sir ☆”i dream my paintings and then i paint my dreams”. ☆ It was an … More

DRAWING week 1-6

Week 1 1 August 2019Faculty: Akash sir☆”i dream my paintings and then i paint my dreams”.☆ It was an amazing … More